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 We offer an experience that will stimulate all five senses to restore your inner calm. Our hand-picked therapists will accompany you throughout the relaxation session.

The spa experience and access to our facilities are reserved for guests of the hotel.


List of treatments

Our massage therapy products come from Soins Corporels l’Herbier, a Quebec company whose products are made with fresh, active, organic, natural and healthy ingredients for human beings.


Signature Massage

Experience the Swedish massage using our range of fine oils with wintergreen or lavender -- all dry, bio-vegetal and hypoallergenic. Soothing and comforting relaxation.

90 minutes


Swedish massage 

Relax and dispel all tension with a massage that leads to absolute relaxation while toning the muscles.  It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation and flushes out toxins.

This especially soothing type of massage is appreciated for its ability to reduce the effects of stress on the body. We use a silky gel formulated with rice oil and shea butter with a light scent of lavender and orange.

60 or 90 minutes


Therapeutic massage

Alternating between relaxation and deep tissue massage techniques, your therapist will focus on specific areas to ease targeted pain and leave you feeling energized. Our thermal balm will be applied to muscles or joints for a deep massage.

60 or 90 minutes


Mom-to-be massage

Take a moment for you and baby by restoring your zen balance and enjoying a more relaxed pregnancy. This massage stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, helps oxygenate cells and tissues and relieves muscle tension. “Conception & Doux Bébé” balm will be used during the massage to moisturize the skin and even help prevent stretch marks.

60 minutes
* Available after first trimester only


Facial care

Recipient of more than 50 beauty awards, G.M. Collin remains an undisputed leader in the skin care industry. We have developed a range of face care products to pamper your skin, your soul and your spirit... and provide you with the customized care you want.


Algomask +

This type of treatment delivers real, immediate hydration while reducing the appearance of diffuse redness and soothing the skin with the thermo-freshening mask. This relaxing facial care gives you instant radiance and has a soothing effect on sensitive skin.

60 minutes


Oxygenating treatment

This treatment purifies and moisturizes dull, tired or stressed skin and instantly adds radiance.

60 minutes



This revitalizing anti-aging care is formulated to minimize the visible signs of aging and improve elasticity while revitalizing your skin.

60 minutes

For more information please contact:

Ms Marie-Eve Hamel-Tessier

Cancellation policy

If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, please notify us as soon as possible. Any changes or cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice will be subject to a fee equivalent to 50% of the cost of the reserved treatments.

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